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Vogue Aluminium Plate Cover, 50x205mm [E893] (Order in item)

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Ensure your food is hot and protected from contamination, with this stylish Vogue aluminium plate cover.

This plate cover rests on top of a plate ring to keep food warm, which saves time and lowers wastage on having to reheat food or throw it away. It also keeps pests away from food, eliminating the risk of contamination. Constructed from strong aluminium, this plate cover is very robust and durable and able to stand up to heavy duty usage, therefore saving you money on buying replacements. The aluminium design also gives that look of class and luxury for your service, which your guests will appreciate. The handle on the top allows for easy lifting, preventing you from burning yourself on the potentially hot metal.

This plate cover is a very stylish and practical item for professional kitchens.

Product features
▪ Dimensions 50(H) x 200(Ø)mm
▪ Material Aluminium
▪ Weight 140g
▪ Ring supplied separately