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Plaster, Standard Blue (Band Aids), 75x25mm, 100 pack [CB442]

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A must-have for any commercial catering environment's first aid kit, this pack of waterproof and latex-free blue plasters is designed to ensure optimal hygiene and safety when cooking in your kitchen. Coloured blue, the plasters are easily identifiable amongst food as blue is a colour rarely seen in ingredients, preventing them from contaminating your dishes to preserve both your reputation and customers' health. These plasters are also waterproof to ensure they stick to skin well, stopping them from falling into your food while also keeping your staff's burns and cuts covered at all times. Boasting a latex-free construction, these plasters also guarantee superb user comfort and effective adhesion, making them an essential for any fast-paced professional restaurant, bakery or mass production food line.

Product features

▪ Dimensions 75(W) x 25(L)mm
▪ Weight 90g
▪ Waterproof
▪ Latex free
▪ Highly visible
▪ Blue coloured plasters are ideal for catering environments
▪ Essential first aid