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Schneider Disposable Pastry Bag, Green, 470x230mm, 100 pack [GT123] (Order In Item)

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Although these pastry bags are disposable, they are still incredibly durable.

The high tensile strength seams ensure your mixture stays inside the pastry bag as you put pressure on it when piping the mixture. The silky inner lining is great for light consistencies like whipped cream as it allows for maximum mixture flow.

Product features

      ▪   Dimensions 470(H) x 230(W) x 70(D)mm
      ▪   Material Polyethylene
      ▪   Supplier Model Number 391810
      ▪   Weight: 8g per unit
      ▪   High tensile strength seams
      ▪   Great for light consistencies like whipped cream and puddings
      ▪   Hygienic
      ▪   Fast and safe perforation tear-off
      ▪   Convenient box dispenser
      ▪   Silky inner surface for maximum product flow