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Olympia Wooden Easel Rack A5, 210x20mm [GF317] (Order in item)

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When coupled with Olympia's natural slate display (17257) or A5 round edged chalkboard (18360), this miniature easel creates a small, well-designed display that can be used to present the price of home baked goods or as a premium alternative to name cards at place settings.

Used with a liquid chalk marker, the slate can be cleaned easily with a warm, damp cloth and will not produce chalk dust. Additionally, once dried, the writing will not smudge, meaning there will be no transfer of chalk on to your employees' uniforms or your customers' clothing.

Product features
▪ Dimensions 210(H) x 120(D)mm
▪ Material Wood
▪ Weight 50g
▪ Board is sold separately
▪ Rope fitting for correct display angle
▪ Perfect for countertop or table top use
▪ Conveniently folds flat
▪ Wipe clean