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Olympia Mesh Strainer, Copper, 300x66x195mm [DR601]

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This finest strainer is perfect for cocktails which are made with fresh fruit or puree but which are served with clarity. This mesh strainer is therefore the perfect way of preparing Cosmopolitans or Margaritas and could be the difference between giving your customers underwhelming or utterly satisfying cocktails. Perfect for combining with Hawthorne or julep strainers, this fine mesh tool is the final step in creating the perfect clear cocktail.

Product features
▪ Dimensions 30(H) x 66(W) x 200(L)mm
▪ Material Copper
▪ Weight 45g
▪ Also available in a gunmetal (20084)
▪ Works perfectly with other Olympia copper barware
▪ Featuring long handle and rest
▪ Fine mesh for precision straining
▪ Can be combined with Hawthorne or julep strainers for complete filtering