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Olive Oil Vegetable Soap, 20g, Pleat Wrapped, 500 pack

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This Hotel Collection is made with 100% saponified Extra Virgin Olive Oil, enriched with pure essential oils to create a memorable guest experience – simply Naturally Nourished.
The health and beauty benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil have been known and applied since 5,000 BC. Its composition equally nourishes and enriches body and soul; improving flexibility and elasticity as well as regenerating and regulating the natural systems of skin and hair.

Product features

▪ First amenities range with Olive Oil as the key ingredient
▪ 100% Extra Virgin Olive oil 
▪ Natural ingredients and essential oils
▪ Rich in vitamins A, E, K and antioxidants promoting skin flexibility and anti-aging
▪ Backed by research and development to ensure highest quality, natural products
▪ No harmful ingredients like palm oil, SLS, parabens or artificial colourants
▪ 20gm, pleat wrapped