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Melbourne/Atlantis (501) Table Spoon, 12 pack (Order in item)

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Features a classic appearance that’s both simple and practical. A professional look to this flatware, but the no-frills design is perfect for high traffic service.
A highly economical choice for your establishment, this flatware features stainless steel construction that makes it perfect for everyday use.
Serve this dinner fork with your main entrees to give your guests the right utensil for the job. The 501 line keeps the focus on your menu, instead of the tabletop.

Product features

      ▪  Satin Finish
      ▪  Economy Style For High Traffic Venues
      ▪  Polished Bowls, Blades & Tynes
      ▪  Dishwasher Safe Under Normal Conditions
      ▪  All Cutlery Must Be Immediately Dried After Washing