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Kristallon Polycarbonate Bowl, Blue, 170mm, 12 pack [CB773]

The polycarbonate used to make these bowls is virtually unbreakable and perfect for use in schools, hospitals, outdoor activity centres and other institutions where shatterproof crockery is essential for the running of day to day food service. As the bowls are dishwasher safe, the are easy to clean and the blue colour is fade resistant, so they can look new for years.

Product features
▪ Capacity 400ml
▪ Dimensions 171(Ø)mm
▪ Material Polycarbonate
▪ Temperature Range -40°C to 100°C
▪ Weight 820g
▪ Colour: Blue
▪ Shape: Round
▪ Dishwasher and freezer safe
▪ Shatterproof
▪ Can be sterilised or autoclaved
▪ Suitable for microwave reheating
▪ Not suitable for temperatures above 75°C
▪ Do not use abrasives
Brand Kristallon
SKU # 19072
Colour Blue