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Kristallon Polycarbonate Handled Beaker, Blue, 285ml, 12 pack [CE288] (Order in item)

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The polycarbonate used to create these jugs is strong and virtually unbreakable, making them perfect for everyday use in schools, hospitals, outdoor activity centres and any other institutions where shatterproof crockery is essential, helping to keep food and drink service running as smooth as possible. Thanks to large handle of the mug and its lightweight characteristics, it is easier to handle than a ceramic mug.

Product features
▪ Capacity 284ml
▪ Dimensions 100(H)mm
▪ Material Polycarbonate
▪ Weight 60g
▪ Colour: Blue
▪ Shape: Round
▪ Dishwasher safe
▪ Unbreakable and shatterproof
▪ Suitable for temperatures -40°C to +100°C