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Greaseproof Paper Gingham, Red/White, 310x190mm, 200 pack [CL658]

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These rectangular sheets of greaseproof paper feature a vivid gingham print that offers an easy way of adding a nostalgic appeal to a diner style meal.

The pre-cut sheets are ideal for lining wooden boards or bowls for a rustic effect. Not only useful for restaurants, these sheets can also be used in delis as an attractive way of wrapping cheese for takeaway.

Product features

▪ Dimensions 190(W) x 310(L)mm
▪ Material Paper
▪ Weight 100g
▪ Weight - fabric 39g/m²
▪ Gingham design
▪ Environmentally friendly
▪ High quality print
▪ The pre-cut sheets ensure consistent presentation
▪ Suitable for use in ovens at temperatures up to 220°C for 20 minutes
▪ These sheets are also safe for use in fridges and freezers
▪ Certified food-safe
▪ These sheets can be recycled after use if free from heavy soiling
▪ The sheets are perfect for lining baskets, platters and packaging
▪ These sheets can also be used to wrap burgers, sandwiches, cheese and much more
▪ Made in the UK