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Citrus Rescources, Citron, 1lt

Use CITRON for tough restaurant pot scrubbing or everyday dishwashing. Other applications include window cleaning, floor washing and scrubbing, car and truck washing, laundry prewash and a high foaming all-purpose cleaner.

Product Features

▪ 1lt
▪ Excellent emulsification of greasy and oily residues
▪ Multipurpose application
▪ Mild on skin and highly resistant to chapping and redness even after prolonged use
▪ Highly concentrated economical formulation
▪ Biodegradable and pleasant citrus aroma
▪ Reduced environment impact as product does not contain artificial colouring, perfume or preservatives
▪ pH: 6.5 – 7.5
Brand Citrus Resources
SKU # 00203