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Castle GreenPro Deepclean, Bio-Enzyme Digester, 5lt

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CASTLE GREEN-PRO DEEPCLEAN represents one of the new generation of Castle �Green Pro� range of products. This concentrated natural formulation manages the basic cleaning processes by combining naturally sourced surfactants with long term bioenzymatic action PLUS adds the benefit of lipase to speed both surfactant and enzymatic actions.

CASTLE GREEN-PRO DEEPCLEAN provides two phases of cleaning. In the first phase immediate cleaning is achieved with the naturally sourced surfactant combination to effectively remove the majority of dirt & food oils from the floor surface.
In the second phase, the combination of Bacillus bacteria producing Lipase, protease and amylase enzymes continue to degrade remaining residues in inaccessible areas such as corners, grout & crevices. This residual action means that the action of this product requires a �no rinse� application. The enzymatic action allows the residual soils to be removed with subsequent application. It also provides more readily available substrate for microbial cleaning action.

Product features

? Improves Slip Resistance by continuing to reduce food soil build-up
? Non Caustic - Non DG formulation: improves OH&S
? No-Rinse reduces labour & water use