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Bushells Blue Label Loose Leaf Tea, 3kg (Order In Item)

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Bushells® Blue Label loose black tea brews a cup of tea with much more flavour, aroma and antioxidants than the average tea bag. It comes in a 3 Kg carton, so it’s perfect for catering to large groups and ensures that your kitchen is always stocked up. This well-rounded, full flavoured tea is ideal for any hot beverage lover and is perfect for daily indulgence, made with high-quality leaves that have been carefully selected from tea plantations across the world to ensure a unique taste. Carton of 3 Kg, so your kitchen is always stocked

Product Features

      ▪  Delivers a well-rounded, full flavoured cup of tea
      ▪  Contains more flavour and antioxidants than your average tea bag
      ▪  Bushells uses high-quality tea carefully selected from plantations across the world