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Blow Torch Cooks (use Gas code 15215)

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The Cook's Blowtorch by Gourmet Kitchen is ideal for small projects in the kitchen, browning sugars, liqueurs and fats quickly and easily, ideal for brulee, meringues and melting cheese. Features an adjustable flame for safe use, with a safety lock to prevent the torch from activating during storage.
Re-fillable with butane gas only (max 20ml)

Product features
      ▪  Made from metal with ridged black plastic grip.
      ▪  Self-igniting Piezo ignition.
      ▪  Does not include butane gas – you’ll need to fill it up, using a butane lighter gas cylinder.
      ▪  Small Torch is lightweight and great for loads of kitchen tasks.
      ▪  Adjustable, anti flare flame works at all angles.
      ▪  Can also be used for many DIY tasks around the home and garden.
      ▪  Uses gas code 15215