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BioPak BioBoard Tray#1, 131x91x50mm, 500 carton [BB-TRAY1]

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BioBoard trays are sustainably sourced and made from FSC® certified paperboard.

Crafted with utmost care, this eco-friendly tray not only caters to your serving needs but also promotes a greener planet. With a generous carton of 500 trays [BB-TRAY1], you'll be well-equipped to elevate your culinary presentation while prioritising sustainability.

Ideal for serving a variety of culinary delights, from appetisers to desserts.

Premium Quality: Crafted from BioPak's innovative BioBoard material, these trays are sturdy, reliable, and designed to hold various food items without compromising on strength.

Sustainable Choice: By opting for the BioPak BioBoard Tray#1, you're choosing an environmentally responsible option. Made from renewable resources and certified compostable, these trays break down naturally, reducing your carbon footprint.

Versatile Usage: Perfect for cafes, restaurants, catered events, and more, these trays effortlessly complement any dining setting. Their compact size makes them a versatile choice for diverse menu offerings.

Convenience in Bulk: The 500-carton quantity ensures you're well-stocked and ready to meet your customers' demands efficiently.

Eco-Conscious Design: Embrace a sustainable approach to food service without compromising on style or functionality. The BioPak BioBoard Tray#1 is an embodiment of modern hospitality with a green twist.

Product Features

▪ Product size: 131mm L x 91mm W x 50mm H
▪ Carton size: 72cm L x 29cm W x 35cm H
▪ Carton total weight: 8.5kg
▪ Pieces per carton: 500