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Bio Naturals Shampoo, 30ml, 210 carton

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Experience the invigorating power of nature with Bio Naturals Shampoo. This travel-sized formula (30ml) is infused with a blend of carefully selected botanical extracts and oils, sourced from controlled organic cultivation. Inspired by the rich botanicals of the Mediterranean, Bio Naturals Shampoo cleanses and revitalizes your scalp, leaving your hair feeling healthy and refreshed.

This carton includes 210 individual shampoos, perfect for hotels, motels, gyms, or stocking up at home. Bio Naturals, with its natural ingredients and paraben-free formula, offers a gentle yet effective cleanse for all hair types.

Bio Naturals Shampoo nourishes your hair with essential oils and vitamins, leaving it feeling soft and manageable. It's a touch of luxury for every day, while being kind to your hair and the environment.

Product features

▪ Active ingredients from controlled organic cultivation
▪ Vegan-friendly
▪ 100% recyclable packaging
▪ Capacity 30ml
▪ Carton 210
▪ Suitable for hotels, motels and gyms