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Bar/Kitchen Mat Anti Fatigue Mat, Black, 900x600mm

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Standing for long periods on hard surfaces can lead to fatigue, discomfort, and even pain. Reduce strain and improve your workday with the Anti-Fatigue Mat, designed specifically for kitchens and bars.

This durable black mat, measuring 900x600mm, provides exceptional comfort with a soft, supportive rubber compound. The honeycomb surface not only offers excellent traction in wet areas to prevent slips, but also allows for drainage to keep the mat dry.

Product features

▪ Colour Black
▪ Dimensions 900x600mm
▪ Reduces strain on legs, knees, and back during long periods of standing
▪ Provides superior traction in wet environments
▪ Allow liquids to drain, keeping the mat dry and slip-free
▪ Built to withstand the demands of busy kitchens and bars
▪ Simply hose down or wipe clean for effortless maintenance
▪ A professional and stylish addition to any kitchen or bar area
▪ Suitable for chefs, bartenders, cashiers and any work station