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Gastronorm Tray, Stainless Steel, 1/9, 150mm deep [DN729]

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This one ninth size gastronorm tray is ideal for holding smaller portions of foods like sauces and gravies. You can set it up in any configuration with other size gastronorm trays to suit your food merchandiser and your needs.

There are various capacities available, ensuring you can prepare and serve exactly the right amount of food. Plus, these trays are made from stainless steel that's both freezer and oven proof.

Product features

      ▪   Capacity 1lt
      ▪   Dimensions 150(H) x 176(W) x 108(D)mm
      ▪   Material Stainless Steel
      ▪  Ideal for use with food merchandisers
      ▪   Can be set up in any configuration
      ▪   Oven and freezer safe
      ▪   Transport, store and cook all types of food