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Gastronorm Tray, Stainless Steel, 1/4, 100mm deep [DN720] (Order In Item)

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This quarter size gastronorm tray can be used for cooking all kinds of foods. The stainless steel material can go straight into the oven, which is ideal for reheating food too.

The sturdy construction travels well and can be placed straight into food merchandisers for easy presentation. You can also freeze the gastronorm tray at the end of service to preserve its contents.

Please note: there is a quarter size lid sold separately.

Product features

▪ Capacity 2.5lt
▪ Dimensions 100(H) x 265(W) x 162(D)mm
▪ Material Stainless Steel
▪ Ideal for use with food merchandisers
▪ Can be set up in any configuration
▪ Oven and freezer safe
▪ Transport, store and cook all types of food