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Yellow Hose Reel Assembly 11m Hose with Gun [CT552]

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This heavy duty retractable hose reel from Yellow is an extremely hardwearing industrial product for the cleaning of large scale kitchens and food production facilities. Featuring a super durable 11m hose which is suitable for wall, ceiling or floor mounting, this hose is fitted with a trigger operated spray gun for large scale rinsing. The heavy duty gun is complemented by a hose which is tested to 99°C and up to 250 psi and features springs and latches for easy and reliable operation.

Product Features
▪ Dimensions 350(H)x330(W)x350(D)mm
▪ Supplier Model Number KHR-1035-O-Y722
▪ Weight 17kg
▪ Open hose reel design eliminates hygiene issues
▪ Supplied with hose reel gun with generously sized grip for easy comfortable use
▪ Universal roller guide system enables the hose to be pulled in any direction without the need for fragile and costly swing hinges
▪ Superior highest grade hose supplied as standard - tested to 99°C, and 1800Kpa pressure (250psi).
▪ Powerful spring and latch system give easy fast retraction of the hose
▪ Can be wall, floor or ceiling mounted
▪ Positive latch system holds the hose at the desired length