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Vogue Upright Post, 1830mm, 2 pack [U888] (Order in item)

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Create your own wire shelving designed to meet your needs from our range of components. We supply upright posts, shelves, baskets, castors, shelf dividers and edges. To create a complete unit order posts at the required height plus your choice of baskets or shelves and one pack of N shaped hooks per shelf or basket. Shelving units can be assembled in minutes. Simply snap the shelf clips in position on the uprights, then drop the shelf over the uprights onto the collars and press into place, no tools are required.

Product features
▪ Dimensions 1830mm
▪ Material Chrome
▪ Weight 16.5kg
▪ No tools required
▪ Posts Diameter: 23mm
▪ Posts, shelves, baskets, castors, shelf dividers and edges available