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Vogue Gastronorm Oven Grid 530x325mm [M929]

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Offering superb functionality and reliability at an affordable price, this Vogue 330(W) x 530(L)mm stainless steel oven grid is a must-have for any busy commercial kitchen. Featuring a wire mesh design, the grid allows air to circulate freely, making for a more even bake and faster cooling to drastically speed up your preparation and serving times.

1/1 GN sized, the rack also helps you make the most of your oven space, maximising your profits and improving efficiency in your kitchen. Crafted from high quality wire mesh, the oven grid is also incredibly strong and durable, allowing it to endure the demands of constant use in any busy professional catering environment.

Product features
▪ Dimensions 4(H) x 530(W) x 330(D)mm
▪ Material Stainless Steel
▪ Weight 600g
▪ Sturdy wire mesh construction
▪ Allows for more consistent baking
▪ Guarantees fast cooling
▪ Reduce your preparation times
▪ Gastronorm sized for maximum capacity
▪ Dishwasher Safe