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Vogue Stainless Steel Ladle, Teal, 6oz [CD148]

Easier than ever to identify, this 178ml ladle from Vogue ensures no time is wasted when it comes to finding the right size for the job. It is part of Vogue's colour-coded ladle range, featuring a teal handle and a stamped capacity marking. The sturdy 100(Ø)mm bowl guarantees precise and consistent portion sizes, while the long handle offers complete control and safety. Made from heavy gauge stainless steel, this ladle is ideal for commercial kitchen use. It is strong, durable and dependable, offering high levels of heat resistance alongside long-lasting quality. It is also designed with a hooked handle, allowing for convenient storage and easy access when hanging over the pan.

Product Features
▪ Capacity 178 ml
▪ Dimensions 410 mm (L)
▪ Material Stainless Steel
▪ Weight 309g
▪ 100(Ø)mm bowl
▪ Stamped capacity marking
▪ Colour-coded handle for easy identification
▪ Hooked handle for easy storage
▪ Durable and long-lasting
▪ High quality
▪ Long handle for safe serving
Brand Vogue
SKU # 21144
Colour Green