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Vogue Oval Gratin Dish, Red, 650ml, 40(H) x 140(W) x 195(D) mm, [GH317]

A traditional oval cast iron gratin dish with ears on each side for easy transportation from kitchen to dining area. This large dish has excellent heat retaining properties and provides even heat distribution. This attractive red dish is ideal for oven to table use for serving a variety of dishes in an eye catching way.

Product features
▪ Capacity 650ml
▪ Dimensions 240(L) x 150(W)mm
▪ Material Cast iron
▪ Weight 1.05kg
▪ Made from high quality cast iron for supreme heat conduction and retention
▪ Suitable for all heat sources
▪ Non-stick and rust free when properly seasoned
▪ Integral handles offer superior strength
▪ All measurements are internal
▪ Not dishwasher safe
▪ Season before use
Brand Vogue
SKU # 22028
Colour Red