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Vogue Japanese Vegetable Spiraliser and Slicer [D446]

Create eye-catching and unique dishes by using this premium Japanese vegetable slicer from Vogue. Supplied with three interchangeable blades, it will transform the way you present your veggies on the plate. Want to make long 'angel hair' vegetable spaghetti? How about sliced curls? This slicer and spiraliser can do it all.

Switching between the 1.2mm, 2.6mm and 4.1mm blades is quick and easy - create a wide array of designs and styles in seconds. Fine strands and spirals of vegetables also cook far quicker, helping you to reduce meal prep times and cut down on cooking costs.

Product features

▪ Material Stainless Steel
▪ Weight 540g
▪ Three interchangeable blades
▪ Base suction pads for stability
▪ Spiked disc ensures food doesn't move
▪ Safety knob enables you to achieve different thicknesses
▪ Safety position while not in use
▪ Replacement blades available
▪ Fine blade 1.2mm
▪ Medium blade 2.6mm
▪ Coarse blade 4.1mm
Brand Vogue
SKU # 17986
Colour White