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Vogue Dissolvable Day of the Week Starter Kit with 50mm Dispenser [GH475]

Ensure precise and safe food rotation with this high quality Vogue colour-coded food rotation starter kit; featuring day-of-the-week dissolvable labels and a 2" label dispenser. Colour-coded for every day of the week, the labels help to make sure all food prepared in your kitchen is fresh and safe for use, reducing wastage while making sure you always follow food standard legislation. Printed with item, name, quantity, use-by and date sections, the labels give you everything you need to record exact stock information, guaranteeing accurate food rotation at all times. These labels also dissolve when immersed in water, preventing unattractive and potentially bacteria-harbouring adhesive residue from being left on your storage equipment and packaging. A robust and transparent plastic label dispenser also stores all of your labels in a neat and easily accessible manner, keeping your kitchen tidy and running smoothly.

Product features
▪ Dimensions 64(H) x 489(W) x 133(D)mm
▪ Material Plastic
▪ Weight 1.36kg
▪ Ensure accurate food rotation
▪ Plastic 2" label dispenser (17719)
▪ Dissolvable day of the week labels (18726), (18727), (18664), (18728), (18729), (18730) and (18731)
▪ Labels dissolve when fully immersed in water of any temperature, eliminating unsightly and potentially unhygienic adhesive residue
▪ Labels feature item, name, quantity, use-by and date sections
▪ Colour coded and clear writing ensures quick identification
▪ Dispenser's robust shell protects the label roll from any kitchen messes
▪ Transparent material enables easy identification
▪ Dispenser can be easily fixed to a wall
Brand Vogue
SKU # 22044