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Vegware Flat Lid for Soup/Ice Cream Container, 8oz/230ml, 1000 carton [GH166]

Ideal for hot or cold contents, this lid will fit Vegware's 8oz pot and can deal with temperatures from -20 to 85°C. These lids are the world's first compostable hot drinks lids and are made from renewable starch derivatives that can completely compost and decompose in as little as 47 days.

Product features
▪ Dimensions 10(H) x 90(Ø)mm
▪ Material PLA
▪ Weight 3g
▪ Entirely plastic free
▪ Completely compostable
▪ Eco-friendly
▪ Clear messaging reminds customers to dispose into composting streams
▪ Heat-resistant CPLA material makes the lids safe for use with hot food
▪ The sturdy CPLA material also makes the lids resistant to cracking or splitting
▪ Can also be used with cold food for added flexibility when serving
▪ "Caution Hot" message ensures customers take care when handling packaging
▪ Fits the 8oz Vegware compostable food pots (05655)
Brand Vegware
SKU # 22019