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Trust Slim Bin Solid Handle Top, Grey, For 60/87lt Bins (Order in item)

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Help conceal unattractive waste and reduce unpleasant odors with this TRUST Commercial Solid Handle Top. This convenient solid Handle top allows you to keep unsightly trash covered and out of view to promote a clean, professional appearance.
TRUST® Commercial Slim Bin Solid Handle Top are a popular item with cleaners, cooks, waiters and builders and used in Australian kitchens, hotels and similar food serving areas. Ideal For Corridors, Kitchens, Washrooms, And Other Limited Space Areas.
Made of high-quality, commercial-grade resin, this lids designed to withstand the rigors of any fast-paced environment.

Product features

▪ All-plastic Construction Will Not Rust, Chip Or Peel
▪ Resists Dents
▪ Lightweight
▪ Hand-wipe Recommended
▪ Compatible with 60lt & 87lt Slim Bin
▪ Keep unsightly trash covered and out of view