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Olympia Table Organiser [C159]

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Get your table condiments organised, with this Olympia table organiser. Because of their small sizes, organising condiments can prove problematic. With sachets alone, their shape and weight means they can be easily scattered and damaged. Using a table organiser utensil, like this one from Olympia, allow you to group your condiments together and ensure their presentation and safety. With a handle in the middle, you can also pick up the organiser and transport the condiments quickly and easily to other tables. This table organiser is chrome-plated for strength and durability, ensuring its long life for many years and therefore saving you money on buying replacements. The chic design, featuring chrome balls and loops, offers a stylish presentation that will look great placed in the centre of your tables. This is a stylish piece of serving equipment from professional catering brand Olympia.

Product Features
▪ Dimensions 135(H) x 200(W) x 130(D)mm
▪ Material Chrome plated wire
▪ Weight 190g
▪ For use with 2oz eiffel salt and pepper shakers, oil and vinegar cruet and sugar packets (all sold separately)
▪ For use with (21207), (10887) and (16695)
▪ Sachet/napkin holder
▪ Carry handle