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Skull Cap Polycotton, White, Size XL [A203-XL]

Cool in both senses of the word, popular clothing brand Whites have purposefully chosen the colour white for their skullcap to actively reflect heat away from the body. This will significantly reduce the impact that the hot equipment may have on your staff's working ability and help to promote a more efficient working environment. Made from polycotton, a durable material that is suitable for commercial laundering, the polyester element will ensure your uniform is quick trying and crease free, which is ideal for companies with a frequent uniform turnover. Featuring an elasticated back the cap will stay securely in place throughout your shift and also hold hair away from the face. This is a must for maintaining hygiene standards and reducing distractions whilst dealing with hot equipment.

Product Features
▪ Dimensions 63cm
▪ Material Polycotton
▪ Weight 70g
▪ Suitable for commercial laundering
▪ Sizes S - XL
▪ Colour white for a classic chefs look
▪ Unisex
▪ Also available in black (20813)
Brand Whites
SKU # 20810
Colour White