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Skull Cap Polycotton, White, Size S [A203-S]

Keep your staff as cool as possible during their long shifts with the bright white skullcap. With breathable polycotton material this will keep your staff comfortable whilst working in a hot and fast-paced kitchen environment. This comfortable and stylish chef hat can be matched to suit other work wear or worn as a statement piece to complete any work uniform no matter your aesthetic. Choose from a wide variety of sizes for the perfect fit no matter your shape.

Product Features
▪ Dimensions 57cm
▪ Material Polycotton
▪ Weight 70g
▪ Suitable for commercial laundering
▪ Sizes S - XL
▪ Colour white for a classic chefs look
▪ Unisex
▪ Also available in black (20812)
Brand Whites
SKU # 20809
Colour White