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Skull Cap Polycotton, White, Size L [A203-L]

Take it back to basics with the pristine white classic skullcap by Whites - the go-to brand for chef's clothing. The simple exterior will compliment any existing uniform you may have or match perfectly with the rest of our chefs clothing if you're looking to completely revamp your work's wardrobe. Coupled with a flawless and stylish design, the polycotton material is both breathable and securely fitted with an elasticated back for optimal usage during a fast paced shift in a typically hot working environment. With a variety of sizes to choose from, you can be sure to get the perfect fit.

Product Features
▪ Dimensions 60cm
▪ Material Polycotton
▪ Weight 70g
▪ Suitable for commercial laundering
▪ Sizes S - XL
▪ Colour white for a classic chefs look
▪ Unisex
▪ Also available in black
Brand Whites
SKU # 20807
Colour White