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Skull Cap Polycotton, Black, Size S [A206-S]

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Plain and simple, yet both practical and professional, the Whites Chefs Skull Hat is a must for all back of house staff in the catering industry. The polycotton material is suitable for commercial laundering and is fast drying so uniform can be regularly washed and ready to go in no time. The polyester element also means the cap will sit comfortably on your head without sticking to the skin. This will help you stay cool and refreshed in a hot working environment.

Product Features
▪ Dimensions 57cm
▪ Material Polycotton
▪ Weight 70g
▪ Suitable for commercial laundering
▪ Elasticated back
▪ Sizes S - XL
▪ Hygienic shield for kitchen staffs' hair
▪ Also available in white (20809)