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Sanremo ZOE Competition Coffee Machine 3 group Tall, Black Frame (Direct) [FA524]

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Serve delicious coffees quickly and effortlessly with this large Sanremo Zoe commercial coffee machine. With its three-group design and 14-litre boiler capacity, you'll have plenty of steam to satisfy customer demand in even the busiest of cafes, coffee shops or restaurants.

Beautifully designed with a black monocoque chassis, this espresso machine has a modern and stylish appearance that produces professional and great tasting coffee. Two easy-to-operate steam wands quickly prepare milk ready to create perfect lattes, cappuccinos or flat whites, while a unique steam tip design produces fine moussed milk to help your talented baristas show their creative side with latte art.

Detailed thermal engineering in the boiler delivers consistently fine coffee, whether you're serving customers indoors or making beverages to go. Baristas can fully monitor coffee extraction with digital displays that measure shot time.

Product features
▪ Capacity 14lt
▪ Dimensions 600(H) x 950(W) x 528(D)mm
▪ Material Metal
▪ Voltage 240V
▪ Weight 73kg
▪ Shot timers for each group
▪ Automatic cleaning group heads
▪ Easy service - Easy access to internal parts for technical service
▪ Electronic auto-level - Through electronic level probe the boiler is automatically filled and maintained at right level
▪ Cool touch steam wands
▪ Barista LED downlights
▪ High group clearance
▪ Double reading gauge - Allows control of boiler pressure and brewing pressure at the same time
▪ Steam boiler capacity: 14-litre (3 Group)
▪ Activated electronic pre-infusion
▪ Easy volume programming