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Robot Coupe Variable Speed Compact Stick Blender, 250mm CMP 250 V.V

Versatile for producing items of varying consistency such as sauces, purees and soups, the Robot Coupe variable speed stick blender self-regulates its own speed to produce the exact thickness wanted for specific goods.

The machine is ergonomically designed to reduce fatigue whilst the stainless steel wall support can assist you further when using the blender regularly. This blending machine has a longer watertight foot to reduce splashback and any risk of contact between the motor and the food.

Product features
▪ Capacity 15 Ltr
▪ Dimensions 610 mm (H)
▪ Dimensions - Shaft Length 250mm
▪ Material Stainless Steel
▪ Power Type 270W, 1.5A, Single phase
▪ Supplier Model Number CMP250 V.V.
▪ Voltage 220-240V
▪ Warranty 2 Years
▪ Weight 3kg
▪ Variable speed
▪ Removable foot
▪ Simple speed adjustment dial
▪ Ergonomic grip
▪ 250mm shaft length
▪ Stainless Steel Wall Support
Brand Robot Coupe
SKU # 16570