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Palm Leaf Boat, Small, 440x220mm, 10 pack

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The naturally shed leaf sheath from the Areca Palm in India is strong, semi flexible yet not brittle, odourless, water and heat resistant. This leaf sheath has its own natural grains, characteristic texture and colour. The leaves are sorted, and then washed and heat pressed into a variety of shapes.
The palm leaf can be used to bake foodstuff in a convection oven for 40 mins up to 180° and a microwave oven for up to 2 mins.
With such amazing properties, this 100% natural product is beautiful the way nature intended, and can be returned to the earth.

Product Features

▪ Dimensions: 440x220mm
▪ Biodegradable
▪ Heat resistant
▪ Water resistant
▪ Suitable with convection oven at 180° for 40min
▪ Suitable with microwave for 2 minutes