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Olympia Light Wooden Base for Y259 Mini Pot & GJ553 Cast Iron Round Pan [GJ552]

Stylishly present your pans and pots, with this Olympia light wooden base (115mm).

This base is designed as a way to serve hot pots and pans straight to a table, which is something your guests will be impressed and delighted with. The thick Hevea wood absorbs heat very efficiently, protecting the table underneath. The natural marbling of the Hevea wood also looks very attractive, exuding a rustic and homely charm for your service. The two handles underneath allow for ease and stability of lifting, reducing the risk of dropping the base.

This base from leading brand Olympia is a quirky and attractive way of serving dishes.

Product features
▪ Dimensions 20(H) x 115(Ø)mm
▪ Material Hevea wood
▪ Weight 160g
▪ For use with cast iron pan (22068) or Vogue cast iron mini pot (20533)
▪ Perfect for table service
▪ Handles underneath enable easy pick-up
▪ Present hot food from oven to table
Brand Olympia
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