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Kristallon Cutlery Tray, 4 Compartment [J850] (Order in item)

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The tough construction of this cutlery tray lends itself to use in busy, demanding environment such as schools or canteens. Made from a single piece of thick, blown melamine, these trays are super strong and easy to clean. Use these trays to keep clean cutlery separate, ready for use, or have your staff separate cutlery ready for cleaning.

Product Features
▪ Dimensions 100(H) x 530(W) x 325(D)mm
▪ Material Plastic
▪ Weight 600g
▪ Colour: Grey
▪ Blown from a single piece of plastic
▪ Heavy-duty
▪ Stackable
▪ Four compartments
▪ Dishwasher safe