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Olympia Chia Sand Mug 340ml 12oz, 6 Pack [DR812]

Create the perfect welcoming environment for your guests with these quaint 340ml Olympia Chia sand-coloured mugs. Produced in a subtle sand colourway, featuring a speckled glaze and finished with uneven edges, each mug boasts a rustic yet exceptionally charming appearance, adding a real touch of character to your décor. Crafted from premium porcelain, the mugs are also lightweight yet incredibly strong, giving them a feeling of quality while ensuring they are also able to endure the rigours of daily use in any busy café, coffee shop or restaurant.

Product features
▪ Capacity 340ml
▪ Dimensions 107(H) x 122(W)mm
▪ Material Porcelain
▪ Weight 350g
▪ Material Porcelain
▪ Unique uneven edge finish
▪ Finished with a reactive glaze
▪ Dishwasher safe
▪ Green, sand and charcoal colours available
Brand Olympia
SKU # 21757
Colour Sand