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Olympia Barware Mixing Spoon, Gunmetal [DR635]

Every good bartender needs the right equipment for the job, which is why Olympia have designed this classic mixing spoon as part of their popular barware range. Featuring a hammer end for excellent balance, a twisted shaft for optimum stirring and a delicately sized bowl, this mixing spoon is a vital tool for any well-stocked bar. This gunmetal design is also available in two other finishes, including copper and silver, allowing you to easily compliment your equipment with your existing aesthetic or mix and match for a more industrial and on-trend look. This attractively designed mixologist's tool is also perfect for layering drinks or shooters in order to wow your drinkers, therefore proving to be a versatile addition to any bar.

Product features
▪ Dimensions 34(W) x 290(L)mm
▪ Material Stainless Steel
▪ Weight 77g
▪ Also available in a non-coloured finish (8795)
▪ Hammer ended, European style mixing spoon
▪ Titanium plated
▪ Twisted shaft for optimum stirring
▪ Teaspoon-sized bowl
Brand Olympia
SKU # 21742
Colour Grey, Gunmetal