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Olympia Bar Hawthorne Strainer 4 Prong, Copper [DR600]

Hawthorne strainers are named after the original brand of this precision cocktail instrument. Perfect for removing ice from a drink when pouring it from a Boston shaker, mixing glass, or cocktail shaker, simply hold the Hawthorne shaker over your container and pour gradually into the correct glass. A Hawthorne shaker is also designed for filtering out small pieces of fruit or imperfections and is an essential piece of machinery for any modern mixologist.

Product features
▪ Dimensions 197(H) x 103(W)mm
▪ Material Copper
▪ Weight 90g
▪ Also available in a gunmetal (21736)
▪ Works perfectly with other Olympia copper barware
▪ Four prongs for easy and ergonomic pouring
▪ Designed for use with Olympia Boston shaker can (21804)
▪ Also works with other brands
Brand Olympia
SKU # 19206
Colour Copper