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Olympia Acacia Wavy Handled Wooden Board Large 15x355x250mm [GM264]

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Enhance the look of your organic dishes with the 355(W) x 250(D)mm large Olympia acacia wavy handled wooden board. Crafted from acacia wood, this board perfectly accentuates the vibrant and earthy palettes within your fresh ingredients. As such, this board gives you the perfect canvas to present your colourful salads and artisan breads in a more attractive way. Featuring a wavy design, this board also oozes a rustic elegance, adding a natural look to your tabletops that is sure to delight. The acacia wood construction makes the board durable and water resistant, guaranteeing superb longevity. The one-piece construction also makes the board remarkably sturdy, so there is no risk of the handle coming loose after long-term use.

Product features
▪ Dimensions 15(H) x 355(W) x 250(D)mm
▪ Material Acacia wood
▪ Weight 730g
▪ Handle length 85mm
▪ Leather tag attached
▪ Hand wash only
▪ Oil regularly
▪ Attractive acacia wood construction
▪ Wavy design offers a stunning rustic look
▪ Robust one-piece build
▪ Water resistant
▪ Sold Singly