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Le Chef Premium Short Sleeve Executive Jacket, White, Size 36 [B912-36]

Featuring a crisp white design with a suit-like fit, the Le Chef Premium Short Sleeve Executive Jacket is a comfortable and practical chefs coat, perfectly suited to use in any kitchen. The 100% Egyptian cotton jacket has three-piece back panels and short sleeves, all specially designed to keep you cool when working in bustling, hot kitchens.

Product Features
▪ Chest Size: 36" / 91cm
▪ Material 100% Egyptian cotton 170g/m2
▪ Handmade, hand sewn on buttons
▪ Easy care and minimal creasing when worn
▪ 65℃ industrial wash and bleach resistant
▪ Thermometer pocket on sleeve
▪ Unisex
▪ 100% Egyptian cotton 170g/m2
▪ Stay-cool underarm panels
▪ Delivered in a presentation box
▪ Black and white
Brand Le Chef
SKU # 20927
Colour White