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Acme Latte Cups, Penguin Black, 280ml, 6 pack [FF963]

The perfect canvas for displaying latte art. Acme's Latte cup is similar in design to the Cappuccino, but with a larger 280ml capacity and a wider surface area to show off those eye-catching designs. A smooth inner gradient provides a far easier pour for latte artists, helping to create a coffee that looks as good as it tastes. A fine tapered lip and small but comfortable handle adds to the cup's elegant appearance, while a thick narrow base retains heat to keep drinks hotter for longer. A great choice for serving hot chocolate too, the cups can be paired with Acme Penguin 15cm saucers (29772) to complete the look. Product features
▪ Capacity 280ml
▪ Dimensions 65(H)mm
▪ Weight 440g
▪ Elegant high quality porcelain
▪ Thick walled base retains heat
▪ Smooth interior gradient perfect for latte art
▪ Great for hot chocolates too
▪ Easy to hold
▪ Stackable design
▪ 57mm base diameter
▪ 107mm outside diameter
▪ Matches the Acme Penguin Black 15cm saucer (29772)
Brand ACME
SKU # 29773
Colour Black