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Kristallon Melamine Ramekin Plain, White, 64mm, 12 pack [T557]

A hygienic and durable alternative to china, melamine is a hard yet lightweight plastic. With its hardwearing design, this 2 1/2" ramekin is ideal for use in settings where crockery must sustain a higher level of bumps and scrapes than usual, such as outdoor catering, as well as in catering situations where safe yet robust melamine crockery is required.

Product features
▪ Capacity 42.75ml
▪ Dimensions 38(H) x 63(Ø)mm
▪ Material Melamine
▪ Temperature Range -20°C to 120°C
▪ Weight 550g
▪ Colour: White
▪ Shape: Round
▪ Chip resistant
▪ Scratch resistant
▪ Stain resistant
▪ Lightweight
▪ Appearance of china
Brand Kristallon
SKU # 16738
Colour White