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Kristallon Polycarbonate Tumbler Pebbled, Blue, 275ml, 6 pack [DC929]

The blue frosted tumblers are perfectly designed for regular use in schools, dining halls and canteens, but also for mobile catering events such as weddings and summer barbecues where avoiding broken glass is crucial. The polycarbonate glasses are extremely hard wearing and also help to keep drinks cooler for longer thanks to their outstanding insulation properties. The striking frosted appearance of these tumblers will create a lasting impression on your guests as they arrive and help to create a party atmosphere.

Product features
▪ Capacity 275ml
▪ Dimensions 100(H) x 75(Ø)mm
▪ Material Polycarbonate
▪ Weight 620g
▪ Dishwasher safe
▪ Frosted effect
▪ Tumbler
▪ 275ml
Brand Kristallon
SKU # 19414
Colour Blue