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Kristallon Melamine Rounded Square Bowl, White, 120mm, 6 pack [CD298] (Order in item)

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A great alternative to the traditional shape, Kristallon's rounded square bowls are ideal for serving large pasta dishes and other main meals with a difference. The use of melamine instead of classic china has been chosen for its durable nature and versatile use - perfect for schools and nursing homes. Melamine is a scratch and chip resistant plastic that is wonderfully lightweight, making this material the obvious choice for businesses with customers who need a little extra help without compromising on looks.

Product features
▪ Capacity 300ml
▪ Dimensions 120 x 120mm / 4 ¾"
▪ Material Melamine
▪ Temperature Range -20°C to 120°C
▪ Weight 0.7 kg
▪ Colour: White
▪ Shape: Square
▪ Chip resistant
▪ Scratch resistant
▪ Stain resistant
▪ Lightweight
▪ Appearance of china