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Kristallon Fusion Rectangular Plate Small, 8 1/2", 6 pack [DR518]

SKU #: 21723

Kristallon Fusion's smaller rectangular platters are made from melamine and are therefore a lightweight and durable alternative to ceramic crockery. Each platter has a rustic, artisan appearance, which is produced via an uneven edge, rich colour and textured finish. A larger size is also available (21724). Ideal for serving lunches, sandwiches and light bites.

Product features
▪ Dimensions 18(H) x 215(W) x 102(D)mm
▪ Material Melamine
▪ Weight 158g
▪ Lightweight and durable alternative to crockery
▪ Scratch, chip and stain resistant
▪ Available in small (21723) and large (21724) sizes
▪ Perfect for use alongside Olympia Fusion crockery