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Jantex Garbage Bags, Standard Duty Black, 80lt, 200 pack [GK688]

The Jantex Standard Duty Black Garbage Bags hold up to 10Kg of general waste making them ideal for use in offices and at home. The bags have a shorter length that makes them suitable for smaller bins and rooms, these bin bags come in a pack of 200 and offer practical waste disposal. These Jantex standard bags are made from 100% recycled polythene.

Product features
▪ Capacity 70Ltr
▪ Dimensions 33(H) x 29(W) x 18(D)cm
▪ Material Recycled Polythene
▪ Weight 4.58kg
▪ Made from 100% recycled polythene
▪ Manufactured in the UK
▪ Tear and puncture resistant
▪ Complies to regulations
▪ Medium duty. Maximum weight capacity: 10kg
▪ Face Width: 457mm. 18"
▪ Open Width: 737mm. 29"
▪ Length: 838mm. 33"
▪ These polythene bin bags can be recycled
▪ Check that your waste management service will recycle these bags
Brand Jantex
SKU # 05854
Colour Black