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Hygiplas Digital Thermometer Oven Probe [CE399] (Order in item)

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This digital cooking thermometer from Hygiplas is a real all-rounder for commercial kitchen use. The stainless steel probe can be inserted directly into food to give accurate and precise readings in seconds. A loud alarm can be set to sound when the temperature reaches a specified limit, making it easier to achieve perfect cooking results.

However, it is far more than just a probe thermometer. The alarm can also be set as a timer, counting up or down from 24 hours. It also features a clock mode as well as magnetic strips which allow the thermometer to be easily and securely attached to the outside of an oven door. Affordable, functional and reliable - this will be one of the most-used gadgets in your kitchen.

Product features

▪ Dimensions 131(H) x 67(W) x 22(D)mm
▪ Temperature Range 0°C to 300°C
▪ Resolution 0.1°C
▪ Weight 140g
▪ Programmable high temperature alarm limit
▪ Tri-display for cooking temperature, alarm limit, timer or clock
▪ Stainless steel probe
▪ Displays °C or °F
▪ Adjustable display angle
▪ Equipped with magnetic strips
▪ 12 or 24-hour format clock display
▪ 1m probe cord length
▪ Requires 2x AAA batteries
▪ Declaration of Conformity in user manual and online
▪ Food grade only - not suitable for medical use